A) Prohibited Content: BetaVM does not permit any Customer to use BetaVM’s Services for illegal activities, and Customer warrants that it will not conduct, participate in, allow, or facilitate any prohibited activity. Customer agrees not to post, provide, embed, link, or otherwise make available any Customer Content (as defined BetaVM’s Copyright Policy) that:


i. infringes on any third party’s intellectual property or publicity/privacy rights;

ii. violates any applicable law or regulation;

iii. involves deceptive or fraudulent activities;

iv. is defamatory, violent, clearly harmful, or obscene or infringes on citizens’ rights;

v. contains any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, time bombs, cancel bots, port scanning, stress testing, IP spoofing, Phishing, or other computer programming routines that are intended to

vi. damage or interfere with any system, data, or personal information;

vii. attempts to harm BetaVM’s servers or other servers in any way (Attacks, CPU intensive programs for no reason, etc);

viii. involves spamming, mailservers, or mass marketing of any kind, or any type of investment/lottery sites;

ix. involves brute force and other vulnerability-checking programs, even if for security purpose;

x. involves traffic exchange / relay websites or Services, including autosurf sites, TOR nodes, open public proxies, and topsites list;

xi. involves mass public file storage of any kind (image hosting site, video hosting site, torrents, etc);

xii. involves high CPU/Bandwidth usage, I/O usage, and network usage, or in any other way disrupting the performance of other customers;

xiii. involves constantly receiving attacks on Customer’s Services or failure to secure Services properly; or

xiv. involves crawling/scraping, loading excessive number of websites, or running web macro plugins/scripts.

xv. involves running a program/script that is designed to use maximum CPU (such as cryptocurrency miners) and not a general fixed amount equal or lesser to the processing power assigned to your service.

BetaVM shall have the sole discretion in determining what Customer Content is acceptable, and reserves the right to refuse any other subject matter it deems inappropriate. In the event that any damages are caused by Customer’s violation of this provision, Customer agrees to be liable for all costs associated with reversing the damages. Customer agrees to comply with all applicable U.S. and national laws. Customer agrees to hold harmless and indemnify BetaVM of any and all liabilities that may arise, either directly or indirectly, with Customer’s performance or non-performance in connection with this Agreement.


B) Circumvention Prohibited: Customer agrees not to circumvent, abuse, or attempt to circumvent or abuse BetaVM security measures and/or billing system. This includes, but is not limited to: creating multiple billing accounts for the same Customer or from the same household, using multiple accounts to deposit funds exceeding amount of funds permitted, creating a billing account for someone other than Customer, or abusing bugs in BetaVM’s system. Any abuse will result in account closure and immediate Service termination, without refund. BetaVM does not honor any pricing mistakes on their website and reserves the right to cancel such orders.


C) Mass-mailing Prohibited: BetaVM does not permit any type of mass mailing on our servers, and Customers running these types of scripts are subject to Suspension and/or Termination at BetaVM’s discretion. If Customer wants to run a legitimate mail-server or send large amounts of e-mails in a non-spam manner, Customer must purchase one of BetaVM’s Webhosting plans and request BetaVM’s pre-approval for the expected volume of mail Customer seeks to disseminate.


D) High Usage Policy: Any usage by Customer that disrupts the overall performance of our server(s) is not permitted. Customer agrees to operate within the BetaVM usage parameters, which are as follows:


High CPU: Customer’s Service cannot burst to 95-100% usage for more than ten (10) minutes and cannot average higher than 50% usage within any two (2) hour period. Packages advertised to include dedicated CPU, Services with the high CPU option, and any customized Service plans that include high CPU option may burst to 100% at all times.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

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